psychotherapy involves you and your therapist working together using psycho-social principles and developing a strong professional relationship in order to make positive changes in thoughts, emotions, and behaviours

the goals of therapy

the core goals of therapy are to:

  • humbly examine our everyday beliefs and assumptions
  • expand our awareness of how we elicit respect from ourselves and others
  • honestly assess the validity and helpfulness of our thoughts
  • brave our triggers and challenges to develop effective coping strategies
  • modify negative habits to stand strong in our truth
  • apply wise principles to cultivate our preferred narrative and achieve our wellness goals
  • feel heard and cared for within the therapeutic relationship 

(adapted from “The Making of a Therapist”, Louis Cozolino, 2018)

Good Call’s psychotherapy and counselling services

  • supports for 2SLGBTQIA+ adults and couples (including polyamorous relationship constellations)
  • culturally-informed counselling for urban Indigenous peoples
  • assistance navigating professional burnout
  • safer recovery work with survivors of complex trauma and historical abuse (including relational traumas, narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, workplace harassment, intimate partner violence, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination)
  • anti-diet culture care for body dysmorphia
  • coping supports for depression, anxiety, grief and loss (including disenfranchised grief)
  • empathy and resilience building work
  • strengths-based assessments for mental health and wellness planning
  • emotion recognition and regulation work
  • strategies for building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • setting and protecting effective boundaries
  • implementing assertive communication techniques
  • skills development for disrupting and reframing intrusive thought patterns in order to positively change behaviours
  • guided visualization and mindful grounding practices
  • referrals to specialized community service providers (ie. addictions treatment programming, attachment therapy services, psychological/psychiatric assessment and diagnostic services, family and small group counselling, parenting supports for caregivers of young children)

therapy at your fingertips

services are offered completely virtually using either telephonic or secure video conferencing methods, accessible from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection

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