Good Call Counselling Services inspires adult individuals and couples to fulfill their personal and professional sense of purpose through affirmative identity building, effective coping, wholistic healing, and self-determining across relevant life areas and relationships.  Sole-proprietor Julianna Morin, MSW/RSW, offers completely virtual counselling and psychotherapy services at sliding-scale pricing to clients throughout the Province of Ontario.  

Clients are supported to reframe their strengths, challenges, and opportunities for growth in order to develop a comprehensive wellness plan with timely, achievable goals in mind. Together, we will regularly evaluate this plan in order to ensure it meets your unique healing and wellness needs, usually with a focus on community development, social justice, and radical authenticity of self.

affirmative identity building

Our lived experiences are shaped by many influences – families of origin and chosen families, personal and professional relationships, social institutions and structures, unearned privileges and systemic oppressions – and not all of them are healthy or helpful to us.  Exploring and building identities grounded in authenticity and self-affirmation is a life-long practice that requires the right support.

effective coping

You’ve heard about ‘resilience’, but what does it actually mean to have it and use it in your everyday life, your relationships, your work?  Likely, you have more strengths, skills, and supports than you’ve been taught to recognize.

wholistic healing

Those expressions “there’s no two ways about it” and “more than the sum of our parts” may hold some radical wisdom; afterall, binaries don’t actually exist and our sense of self doesn’t stop at the mind-body connection.  We’re here for evidence-based practices and wellness planning that supports our whole selves – from effective self care to actionable community care.


Client-centred practice means that you are quite literally in control of your own healing because your consent informs every part of the therapeutic process.  Your passion, curiosity, and commitment to the positive changes you wish to realize in your life are at the core of our work together. 

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